Now that you can watch NOS4A2 weekly on AMC, feel free to check out the re-release of my review of the book that inspired it. 

Happy 200 episodes! Thank you for staying with me on this ride for this long. I really appreciate it, gang. It's been a fun one. On this episode, I read listener e-mail, iTunes reviews, share some Stephen King news and conclude with an in-depth review of the new Pet Sematary film.

Hey, gang! In anticipation of the upcoming film, I've decided to re-release my review of the book that started it all. And don't worry. I'll be sure to review the new film when I see it!

I'm alive! Don't worry, everyone! I'm still here. I'm sorry for the lengthy delay in episodes, but I'm back to give an update on the health of one of our furry co-hosts, discuss the newest Pet Sematary trailer, mindlessly speculate on The Institute and a whole slew of SK and Joe Hill related news.  Happy 2019!

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a jammed packed episode in which I give my general thoughts on The Haunting of Hill House, my review of the Pet Sematary trailer and a deeper look into the recent publication of Elevation.  Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. I know I'm thankful for all of the support throughout the years. 

Here we are at the conclusion of Castle Rock? Did it live up to expectations? What did it all mean? What were Thomason and Shaw playing at this entire time? Tune into this episode to find out!

There are other worlds than these.

Things have begun to spiral out of control within this sleepy little berg. Thankfully that makes for thrilling television!

Grab your tissues. You're going to need them.

Oooooh, boy, this show is getting good, guys!

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