This is an interesting one. If you remember my review of The Eyes of the Dragon, I'm not the world's biggest fan, so how does my subjectivity affect my objectivity towards the ending? Find out here! And as always, write into to share all of your Stephen King thoughts!

Welcome back for another analysis of a brand spankin' new Stephen King publication, this time the 2020 novella collection If It Bleeds. 

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In this week's episode, I discuss the conclusion to The Talisman while discussing my excitement for the recent news that Mike Flanagan will be directing an adaptation of Revival. For any thoughts on Stephen King, write into and as always, if you have a spare minute on your hands, leave a review on iTunes. Thanks, everyone!

As endings go, this one is BLEAK! So let's debate whether bleak=good on this installment as I continue to examine the conclusions of King's books to determine whether or not he deserves his reputation for not being able to end his books. 

Hop on in and take this episode for a spin. Let's see how we feel about the ending to Christine! 

Welcome back! This week, I discuss the conclusion of The Gunslinger, read some e-mails and give some recommendations to keep you busy while we all self-quarantine. 

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Welcome back, everyone! Cujo. . .good ending? Bad ending? Do I like it? Do I not? Find out this week!

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Welcome back! This week, I review the conclusion of Firestarter. If you have any thoughts, write in at



Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, I review the ending to The Stand (pretty relevant) as well as the conclusion to HBO's The Outsider while managing to squeeze in some listener e-mail. Stay safe, everyone!

And here we are, talking about the Dead Zone. 

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