Welcome back to the Stephen Kingcast! Today we discuss the ending of Black House!

Welcome back! Today, let's talk about (do we have to?) the ending of Dreamcatcher! Write in all your thoughts at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

It's short little episode for a short little book. But let me know all your thoughts by writing into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com!

Hello, everyone! Let's talk about the ending of Bag of Bones. If you have any thoughts, write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Charyou Tree! Welcome back as I discuss the ending to what is one of King's best. If you have any thoughts, please write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Welcome back! Happy 4th! Let's talk about The Regulators! E-mail me at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and leave a review on iTunes!

Here it is! All my thoughts on the ending of Desperation!

Take a walk down the Green Mile one last time with me to talk about its ending. Please leave a review on iTunes and send any thoughts to stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Today, I look at the ending of Rose Madder. Please help me out on this one, everyone. If you have any thoughts, write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Do you like Stephen King? Do you like t-shirts? Do you like Stephen King t-shirts? This week, I decided to re-release my 2017 conversation with Matt Kellick, the owner of http://www.ka-tet19.net.  During the hour long conversation, we talk about art, creativity and how he merged his passion for t-shirts and Stephen King into a business. It was a great experience to talk to him about his art, his background and what he has in store for us next! Please do yourself a favor and check out his site. From shirts to hats to hoodies to masks, if you want some sort of King apparel, you'll find what you're looking for. I guarantee it. 

WARNING: During the course of the conversation, Matt and I spoil the events of Stephen King novels, including the plot points of The Dark Tower series. 

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