Welcome back, everyone! Cujo. . .good ending? Bad ending? Do I like it? Do I not? Find out this week!

And please write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com for any and all thoughts.  

Welcome back! This week, I review the conclusion of Firestarter. If you have any thoughts, write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com



Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, I review the ending to The Stand (pretty relevant) as well as the conclusion to HBO's The Outsider while managing to squeeze in some listener e-mail. Stay safe, everyone!

And here we are, talking about the Dead Zone. 

I continue my examination on the endings of King's books with his oft-discussed conclusion to The Shining! What are your thoughts on the ending? What are your thoughts on the ending to The Dead Zone, next week's episode? Let me know by writing into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Welcome back with another entry in our newest adventure: examining the endings of Stephen King's works in the chronological order of publication!  This week brings us to Salem's Lot. How does the ending hold up? Check it out!

Welcome to the next phase of the Stephen Kingcast! From here on out, I will focus on the endings of Stephen King's works in the hopes that I can dispel the notion that he can't end his novels successfully. On today's episode, I examine the conclusion of Carrie!

Hello all! Welcome to this week's episode. I have a big announcement to drop. But first, I share some listener e-mail, some iTunes reviews, discuss my general thoughts on The Outsider and quickly share my experience with Doctor Sleep: The Director's Cut. And then I get to the announcement. 

Welcome back! Let's talk about listener e-mail, some iTunes reviews, gush over Holly Gibney and get ready for Locke and Key! February is a great month for King fans!

 It's good! I love it! Tune in to find out why! Be warned that I read listener e-mail and iTunes reviews before getting to my thoughts. 

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