It's one of my favs! But does it have a good ending? Find out this week!

Why am I re-releasing my review to Insomnia? Well, a couple reasons. It was released this month 26 years ago, it's a perfect Fall novel, I'm reviewing the ending next week, and yesterday was Sai King's birthday!

Let's talking about the ending to Dolores Claiborne! Write in at

Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, I examine the ending to Gerald's Game as well as discuss Dark, the OA and Kill Creek by Scott Thomas. 

This one's a doozy! Here's a novel that is darkly comedic that has a wild ending. Do I personally like this ending? Is it objectively good? Is it too wild? Find out this week on the Stephen King Cast! If you have any thoughts, write in to


I love an opportunity to discuss Dark Tower books! Today, I examine the conclusion to The Waste Lands! Does it hold up? Find out! Write in at

The sparrows are flying again! Check out all my thoughts on the end of The Dark Half. 

This is an interesting one to pull apart. The book is a wild, fun mess. Does it make the ending objectively good or objectively bad? Find out this week on the Stephen Kingcast! Write in at

Welcome back! In today's episode, I discuss the ending of Misery. Let me know all of your thoughts by writing into and if you have any time on your hands, a review on iTunes would be greatly appreciated! 

I'm back! I'm alive! No need to worry about things. This week, I read some listener e-mail and then give a list of book recommendations of the books that I've been consuming since quarantine. Stay safe, and if you have any thoughts/questions, write into

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