Welcome back! Here I am go talk about the ending to Lisey's Story

Hey you, put that phone down and listen to this podcast. Unless you're listening to the podcast on your phone. Then by all means keep your phone!

Well here it is! After many requests, I'm finally giving you my thoughts on The Colorado Kid! Enjoy!

Cry off if you don't want to talk about the ending of The Dark Tower!

Welcome back, everyone! In this week's final episode, I discuss the nature of fan service, give my thoughts on the totality of Gwendy's Final Task, and then focus in on the ending of Gwendy's Final Task. If you have any thoughts, please head on over to stephenkingcast@yahoo.com, and leave a review on iTunes when you get a chance. 

Welcome back! Here I discuss the ending(?) to the Song of Susannah. 

Come, come, come-alla! Let's talk about the ending of Wolves of the Calla!

What? I'm back? Where did I go? How have you been? I'm back this week to examine the ending of From A Buick 8 as well as give my (brief) thoughts on Billy Summers. Also, I say good-bye to our furry co-host. Thank you for all of the support throughout the years, everyone! Please write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and leave a review on iTunes. 

Welcome back to the Stephen Kingcast! Today we discuss the ending of Black House!

Welcome back! Today, let's talk about (do we have to?) the ending of Dreamcatcher! Write in all your thoughts at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

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