I'm ALIVE! And back to discuss the first episode of CBS Access' adaptation of The Stand. If you have any thoughts, please write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and feel free to leave a review on iTunes!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

It's one of my favs! But does it have a good ending? Find out this week!

Why am I re-releasing my review to Insomnia? Well, a couple reasons. It was released this month 26 years ago, it's a perfect Fall novel, I'm reviewing the ending next week, and yesterday was Sai King's birthday!

Let's talking about the ending to Dolores Claiborne! Write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, I examine the ending to Gerald's Game as well as discuss Dark, the OA and Kill Creek by Scott Thomas. 

This one's a doozy! Here's a novel that is darkly comedic that has a wild ending. Do I personally like this ending? Is it objectively good? Is it too wild? Find out this week on the Stephen King Cast! If you have any thoughts, write in to stephenkingcast@yahoo.com


I love an opportunity to discuss Dark Tower books! Today, I examine the conclusion to The Waste Lands! Does it hold up? Find out! Write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

The sparrows are flying again! Check out all my thoughts on the end of The Dark Half. 

This is an interesting one to pull apart. The book is a wild, fun mess. Does it make the ending objectively good or objectively bad? Find out this week on the Stephen Kingcast! Write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Welcome back! In today's episode, I discuss the ending of Misery. Let me know all of your thoughts by writing into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and if you have any time on your hands, a review on iTunes would be greatly appreciated! 

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