Hello all! In anticipation of Mike Flanagan's film of the same name, I've decided to re-release my review of King's book. I won't be able to see the movie until next week, so I hope that this tides you over. With the positive buzz surrounding the movie, I'm glad that a lot of people are re-examining how they originally felt about the book. For all of my thoughts on why this story works, check out my review and stay tuned for all of my thoughts on the movie in an upcoming episode!

Welcome back! In this easy, breezy ep, I turn my thoughts towards episode 2 of Castle Rock, Season 2.

I heard there was a new season of a Stephen King show floating about the world. I wanted to talk about it!

Welcome back! This week, I discuss the recent trailer for The Outsider, preview Castle Rock season 2, discuss my thoughts on The Stand casting, quickly review In The Tall Grass, read some listener e-mails and finish up with an in-depth review of The Institute. If you have any time on your hands, please leave a review on iTunes, and if you want to write in, e-mail stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Here it is! My thoughts on It Chapter 2! Beforehand, I discuss the recent Stand casting and speculate on the final Doctor Sleep Trailer. Enjoy!

Before you get my thoughts on Chapter 2, you can listen to my re-release of Chapter 1!

Welcome to the end of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke and Key

This episode is a little different. In the first twenty minutes, I eulogize one of my furry co hosts before moving on to my review of Locke and Key, Vol 5: Clockworks. 

If you love dogs and want to give to a good cause, please check out: snortrescue.org

In this week's episode, I continue my review of Hill and Rodriguez's comic book classic, Locke and Key.

Sorry for the delay! But I'm back to talk about San Diego Comic Con, read some listener e-mail, iTunes reviews and my thoughts on Locke and Key, Volume 3: Crown of Shadows!

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