Welcome back! Today, let's talk about (do we have to?) the ending of Dreamcatcher! Write in all your thoughts at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

It's short little episode for a short little book. But let me know all your thoughts by writing into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com!

Hello, everyone! Let's talk about the ending of Bag of Bones. If you have any thoughts, write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Charyou Tree! Welcome back as I discuss the ending to what is one of King's best. If you have any thoughts, please write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Welcome back! Happy 4th! Let's talk about The Regulators! E-mail me at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and leave a review on iTunes!

Here it is! All my thoughts on the ending of Desperation!

Take a walk down the Green Mile one last time with me to talk about its ending. Please leave a review on iTunes and send any thoughts to stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Today, I look at the ending of Rose Madder. Please help me out on this one, everyone. If you have any thoughts, write into stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

Do you like Stephen King? Do you like t-shirts? Do you like Stephen King t-shirts? This week, I decided to re-release my 2017 conversation with Matt Kellick, the owner of http://www.ka-tet19.net.  During the hour long conversation, we talk about art, creativity and how he merged his passion for t-shirts and Stephen King into a business. It was a great experience to talk to him about his art, his background and what he has in store for us next! Please do yourself a favor and check out his site. From shirts to hats to hoodies to masks, if you want some sort of King apparel, you'll find what you're looking for. I guarantee it. 

WARNING: During the course of the conversation, Matt and I spoil the events of Stephen King novels, including the plot points of The Dark Tower series. 

Here's my review of Later! If you haven't done so, please leave a review on iTunes. Feel free to write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com

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