Here it is! My thoughts on It Chapter 2! Beforehand, I discuss the recent Stand casting and speculate on the final Doctor Sleep Trailer. Enjoy!

Before you get my thoughts on Chapter 2, you can listen to my re-release of Chapter 1!

Welcome to the end of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke and Key

This episode is a little different. In the first twenty minutes, I eulogize one of my furry co hosts before moving on to my review of Locke and Key, Vol 5: Clockworks. 

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In this week's episode, I continue my review of Hill and Rodriguez's comic book classic, Locke and Key.

Sorry for the delay! But I'm back to talk about San Diego Comic Con, read some listener e-mail, iTunes reviews and my thoughts on Locke and Key, Volume 3: Crown of Shadows!

Welcome back! This week, I dive into the second story arc within Locke and Key, Head Games!

Hooo boy, this one's a doozy! After an eternity of promises, I finally follow through on my review of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's phenomenal comic book series, Locke and Key.  Stay tuned through the next couple months as I make my way through the entirety of the series, marveling at Hill's plotting and characterization, and Rodriguez's ability to bring this story to life on the page.  In this episode, I read some listener e-mail, iTunes reviews, and start off my review with a deep dive into the history/recent history of the horror genre within the comic book medium. So although the episode title suggests that I only talk about Locke and Key, don't be fooled! In this episode you get all my thoughts on Swamp Thing, Sandman, The Wake, The Walking Dead, Gideon Falls, The Ice Cream Man and so much more!

I'm alive! For real! And I'm back to give my thoughts on the It: Chapter 2 Trailer, the Doctor Sleep Trailer, Amazon's Dark Tower series, Hulu's Eyes of the Dragon announcement, The Stand casting and the first episode of NOS4A2.  Phew! It's a doozy, folks.  As always, if you have the opportunity, please leave a review on iTunes and write into

Now that you can watch NOS4A2 weekly on AMC, feel free to check out the re-release of my review of the book that inspired it. 

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